Happy Skin Rescue Me Invisible Sun Gel Primer Review

Sunscreen has been a staple in our skincare routine since the beginning. Dermatologists have been firm at reminding us not to skip sunscreen even we’re indoors, as it is essential to protect us from the damage caused by UV rays from the sun.

Why use sunscreens

UV rays can still harm us even when indoors. The clouds can only block up to 80% of the sun’s rays. In the Philippines, where it’s summer all year long, it’s much more necessary to wear sunscreen all the time.

Mainly, we use sunscreen to protect us from premature aging caused by UV rays. Who wants to grow old, right? So we must make sure we have this in our skincare staple. It also lowers our risk of skin cancer and helps maintain an even skin tone.

I do not have a vast knowledge of sunscreen as I’ve only tried out a few. In my experience, what I prefer is lightweight sunscreen. Since I work from home, I barely go out and wear makeup. So I like sunscreens that feels like it’s not there after applying.

Different Happy Skin Rescue Me Sun Gel Primers

When I discovered the Happy Skin Rescue Me Invisible Sun Gel primer SPF 40, I wasn’t necessarily looking for a new sunscreen as I still have their Rescue Me Sun Gel Primer with SPF 50 PA+++. It just popped up on my notifications. When I saw they were advertising it as an “invisible” sunscreen, it piqued my interest, and I did not even realize I was already on the checkout button. Lol.

The new Rescue Me Invisible Sun Gel primer is a “hybrid sunscreen-primer duo that protects skin from the sun and screen exposure,” as advertised by Happy Skin. It has a transparent and lightweight texture contrary to their Rescue Me Sun Gel Primer.

The Rescue Me Sun Gel Primer was still lightweight, but I had a reaction when I first used it. Also, I wouldn’t say I liked the feel in the skin. It was light but still feels icky to me. This sunscreen is also tinted, and the shade was too light for my skin tone to use as-is.

My go-to has always been the Belo Prescriptives Sunscreen Gel, but it was pretty expensive for PHP770 for 20g of product. It’s also not accessible, so I have always been hunting for a good alternative.

Using the Happy Skin Rescue Me Invisible Sun Gel Primer

When I tried the Happy Skin Rescue Me Invisible Sun Gel primer SPF 40 for the first time, I was expecting the texture to be like the Belo sunscreen gel. However, it wasn’t. The texture feels watery and a bit silicone-y. I can compare the texture to the Benefit primer, and it doesn’t feel like gel to me at all.

The sunscreen was lightweight, and it glided smoothly in my skin as well. It has a dewy matte feeling on my skin. When I put on makeup, my face was a smooth canvass. I did not feel like something was on my face after applying it. It was good to use as-is, especially when working from home.

Happy Skin Rescue Me Invisible Sun Gel primer doesn’t have a scent, so this is perfect for people who are sensitive to fragrances. It also comes in a pastel pink aesthetically cute packaging which I love.

(Bare Face with Sunscreen)
(Sunscreen with Makeup)

For longevity, I’ve used this every day for more than a week now. I love how it doesn’t make me too oily at the end of the day – with or without makeup.


So, is it worth it? For me, yes. I love the Happy Skin Rescue Me Invisible Sun Gel primer. I think this will be my new sunscreen until a new and better one comes along. Lol. It’s a bit expensive for the price, though, but cheaper than the Belo one. So I’ll stick with this for now.

What I love best is it’s a great sunscreen to use indoors. Since most of us are now working from home, this is an excellent sunscreen for the lazy ones who applies sunscreen in the morning and nothing else (like me). *wink*

You can purchase the new Happy Skin Rescue Me Invisible Sun Gel primer here.

How about you? Do you have other sunscreen recommendations?

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