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Since I was desperate to have clean nails, (which I can’t do on my own) I went to a salon near our house to get a mani-pedi. Unfortunately, not only did they inflict wounds on my toes but they scrubbed my nails with the nail pusher like there is no tomorrow. They used cheap nail polish so it chipped after a day or two. You can then see the scratches on my nails made by the pusher. It was horrible. Well, what do you expect from a P50 manicure and P60 pedicure?  Afterwhich, I vowed never to return to that place to have my nails done. 

Since my nails were too horrible to look at, I went to Pampered Nails and Body located at Robinsons Forum. My aunt once brought me there to treat me with a footspa + pedicure package. I was satisfied; so I returned. 

I got the Manicure + 5 minutes massage for P100 and Pedicure + nail polish + 5 minutes massage for P200. They have other packages available which includes footspa and masks. Also, they have other services like body massage and facial spa. 

I was satisfied with the service and I think they used Orly nail lacquer on me. I chose the Red Flare color and I love it. The one who did my nails did a great job and removed every trace the horrible nail job I previously had. 

But I noticed one thing is lacking, Customer Service. I think this is the most important thing that you need to provide if you want to make your customers return. Even though I was satisfied with the service, the staff were not friendly enough. There were only formalities. No smiling or anything. They were not very approachable.

Overall, I was happy and satisfied with the service and I think I’ll return to try their massage services (I’ll update this once I’ve tried it). However, I think if they’ll improve their customer service, I’ll be one of their loyal customers. For now, I’m still searching for the best; since again, I can’t clean my nails on my own. haha.

How about you? Have you found your best nail salon yet?

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