Where to buy sleepwear or fancy “pambahay” in the Philippines

For as long as I could remember, I have always loved sleepwear. I vowed I will buy one for myself after watching people on TV wearing uniformed pajamas since I was a child. In the Philippines, wearing PJs is not a thing because of the humidity in the tropics. We were used to just wearing old clothing or pambahay as we call it – the most comfortable are the ones with loose garters! Lol.

I’ve been working at home for almost five years now so there was less need to buy new shoes or clothes. I indulged in buying sleepwear instead as it’s very comfortable. I don’t see myself as having a great fashion sense but with my sleepwear, I feel very fancy and fashionable! Also, I can wear it straight to work upon waking up or even go straight to a zoom meeting with it and still look presentable. I even wear it when streaming – totally fuss-free!

When the pandemic hit and people were forced to stay at home, it was not a surprise that sleepwear became very popular. So, here are some of the online stores to check out:

  1. Private Storey

Among all included in this list, this brand is my favourite. This is a local brand in the Philippines that sells comfortable, fashionable, and affordable sleepwear and accessories. My husband bought me a set from them way back in 2018 and it still in good condition now. I especially loved the robe as it fits me perfectly. My order also came in a box which made it look more premium. When I learned that they have their dedicated sewers and aims to hire more to help underpaid workers, I’ve been a fan ever since. Support local brands!

  1. LisseMNL

During the lockdown, I became desperate to get a new pair of loungewear for streaming but Private Storey had a long backlog at the time and cannot deliver immediately. So, I searched for an alternative and I found LisseMNL. Here’s another brand where you can get loungewear, accessories or even bridal robes. Just like Private Storey, you also have an option to customise by adding embroidery to your sleepwear. What I didn’t like was the robe was in “Free Size’ and was a little too big for me. Also, it came in just a plastic cover so I am assuming they were factory-made. As for the loungewear, the quality is all good. 

  1. Amelia Sleepwear

I haven’t personally bought something from Amelia Sleepwear yet but as I was searching, I found their shop on Instagram with a decent number of followers.  They offer premium loungewear and sleepwear in various styles and fabrics. They also have several sets and even cute and comfortable bedroom slip-ons to pair with your sleepwear.

  1. White Label Intimates

Here’s another shop where you can get your sleepwear. This shop offers an array of sleepwear, sportswear and swimwear. They especially have a wide range of sleepwear styles, designs, prints and fabrics! I’m sure you’ll spend a lot of time browsing their catalogue. *wink*

  1. Shopee, LAZADA, ZALORA

Last but not the least, you can check our three main online shopping marketplaces in the Philippines. You can find tons of sleepwear selection with varying styles. You can also pick a style within your budget.  There will also be sales and discounts from time to time.

Sleepwear in the Philippines

We might be stuck at home at the moment but it’s no excuse not to dress up and feel good once in a while. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t blink twice, add it to your cart and go straight to check out! No ragrets! 😉

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