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Travel Essentials Checklist

It’s really frustrating to leave travel necessities behind when you’re traveling.  May it be your earphones, neck pillow, your makeup kit or even your sleepless soul wandering through the oblivion. Forget the last one. By the way, you forgot about that thing, and that sucks for you. You…

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Current Makeup Favorites List //

MannyMUA Makeup Geek Palette – I bought this makeup online from the Makeup Geek website and had it shipped here in the Philippines via My Shopping Box. If you want to know more about the process, I’ll link my experience with their service down below. I bought a couple of…

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An Interview with Alvin Raymundo of WidgetboyPH

When I started AikaNeko last year using WordPress as my platform, I was very lucky because it was my friend Alvin who helped me set it all up. I have little knowledge about setting up a blog (getting my own domain/hosting) and I was very impatient about it. Good…

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Life Lately // v1.0

Finally! It’s been a long time since my last blog post. So today, I decided to make a blog segment – Life Lately. Since this is a personal blog anyway, I would love to share updates about what’s going on with my life. Lol. So let’s go ahead…

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