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Life Lately // V5.0

I deactivated my Facebook profile.

I realized Facebook is very time-consuming. I hate scrolling down the newsfeed except when looking at memes. It feels like I’m just wasting my time scrolling and reading other people’s nonsense (not all). However, I retained my Twitter where I can freely tweet anything I like and also my Instagram. My Facebook page is still active but that’s fine. I don’t have a lot of followers there anyway. Lol. As for now, I’ll take a break from Facebook. Thankfully, I’m not missing it. There’s no urge to reactivate soon. 

I’ve already finished three Harry Potter books since I deactivated my profile. I’ve had a minimal distraction. Now that’s something! I’ve purchased a few books (not really) in December. I will start reading them after HP. Woohoo!

Life Lately

READING // Again, I bought tons of books last month to start my reading challenge for 2019. Unfortunately, the Harry Potter fever returned so I am now rereading all HP books for the nth time. I’ll probably start with my new books, e-books, and audiobooks in February.

WATCHING // I’ve been watching the Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon for the past few days. My husband says that it’s nonsense and their jokes are corny but I love it because I’m a nerd. Lol.

PLAYING // I haven’t been playing any games nowadays because I am focused on reading. Sometimes I have the urge to play Octopath and Stardew Valley again but a stronger force is stopping me. 

FEELING // I’m feeling… anxious and excited about all the things to come this year!

EATING // Finally! After how many months… we are now back to Keto. The last straw for us was when Mycroft (our kitten) lightly scratched my husband’s leg and it immediately swelled. I told him he might be diabetic (he can eat a dozen of donuts by himself plus our mothers are both diabetics) and it probably scared him so we finally got back to Keto! So far, so good.

PLANNING // We have lots of plans for the year. I am very excited and I’m hoping everything goes according to plan ~ For now, I’m planning to replenish my sugar deprived body with sweets in February. 

WRITING // This blog post… 

LEARNING // I’ve been watching driving lessons on Youtube nowadays. My husband and I don’t know how to drive. However, the traffic situation in Manila is hopeless. So we’re giving in and we will probably get a car this year for convenience (hopefully). It’s scary but we’ll both be going to driving school later this year. I have no idea about driving at all. So I am just preparing myself by watching videos. Lol.

DISLIKING // …being told what to do.

LOOKING FORWARD TO // I’m excited for The Phantom of the Opera on February! I already booked my ticket. My husband doesn’t like broadways so for the first time in a long time, I’ll be going by myself to the show. He’ll come with me and stay at a hotel though. I can’t go anywhere alone. Not ever since we got married. Also, I will replenish my body with carbs while we’re in Manila. I miss Chinese food! A reward for a month long of Keto. LOL. Of course, I will go back to the diet after. 

So these are my life lately updates. What have you been doing lately?

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