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Life Lately: Quarantine Edition V2

G’day, mate! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here… oh wait, by now, you already know the drill. LOL.

I know, I know… I’ve been absent again. My blogs are so stagnant, my husband was seriously considering shutting them down. Honestly, if it was just me, I would love to post here every day! Unfortunately, my other self doesn’t want to. It’s a great struggle, really.

We’re now in October. It’s been 7 months since I left the house. The last time I saw the life outside our doors was in March. Crazy things happened since then. This pandemic has robbed people of many things… Time, being the most underrated of them all. In the beginning, I thought it’d be resolved in a couple of months. Now, we just don’t know for sure. An air of uncertainty clings around us.

Our government has lifted the restrictions, but I am still in quarantine. Of course, we can go out now, but we don’t want to take a risk. We are just lucky we have the privilege of working from home. Not everyone has that luxury and they need to go out to survive. So we will continue to stay at home until this ends, hopefully soon.

Anyway, the only thing that’s changed in the past few months for me was that I ventured into game streaming. I was very nervous at first, but I enjoy doing it now. My husband told me I transform into a different person every time I go live. It was weird for me as an introvert because I realised that I loved talking to people on stream… but not after that, obviously. HAHA!  

However, I’ve been having “these moments” again lately wherein I lose interest in all things. You know that feeling when you want to become productive, but you always end up just laying in bed and doing nothing. Zero motivation. Very frustrating. That’s why I am mostly stagnant here and it’s been two weeks since I went live.

I am a mess.

Life Lately

READING // Nothing. My best friend gave me a copy of Midnight Sun, and I also tried to reread the HP series but… nothing. I feel like an old person. I couldn’t read through a paragraph without being sleepy! It’s so frustrating. I don’t know what’s happening to me.

WATCHING // I just finished watching Unsolved Mysteries and The Haunting at Bly Manor on Netflix. The Bly Manor was honestly disappointing for me. I think the Hill House is much better even though I didn’t really look at the ghosts while watching it. I just love uncovering the mystery behind every ghost story that’s why I still continue watching them then watch Shrek afterwards to cleanse the palette. HAHA. Anyway, I am thinking of re-watching a Studio Ghibli movie just for good vibes.

FEELING // I am still having these “moments”. I am still in it, but I think I am slowly going back.

EATING/DRINKING // Everything. HAHA. We are so lazy lately that we just kept on buying food elsewhere than cooking for ourselves. Oh, goodness.

PLANNING // on posting a couple of blog posts…

WRITING // this blog post…

LEARNING // how to bake! Despite our financial situation, I got myself an oven. LOL! My husband’s second job was put on pause by his employer that’s why we are currently struggling a bit but surviving. So, I am left with an oven but no money to buy some ingredients for baking. HAHAHA He is so unlucky to have a crazy wife. Jokes aside, yes, I am planning on learning how to bake… my first targets are cookies and cupcakes!

DISLIKING // myself atm…

LOOKING FORWARD TO // receiving my oven and baking tools! I just ordered it online, and it might get delivered tomorrow. So I hope I won’t burn the house down just like how Jenny Lou does in her Sims form. *wink*

That’s all I have to say for now. You can follow my page here if you want to catch me live on Facebook or just subscribe to my itty bitty tiny Youtube channel here. Don’t forget to say hi.

See yah later! 

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