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Life Lately: Quarantine Edition

A pandemic is currently dominating the world. Meanwhile, the Sun is in its wrath, hurling waves of summer heat between 40°C – 50°C here in the Philippines! It’s frustrating because you can’t even leave the house for a swim or go to the mall just to cool yourself.

I am used to this quarantine for years. My husband and I work from home, so we barely go out except for grocery shopping. Now, my husband is the only person who can go out to buy essentials. Even though I am an expert on isolation, it’s now taking a toll on my mental health. The frustration of not being able to go outside, the limited selection of food, the slow internet, and water shortage are distorting my mind!

I’m hoping for this to end soon. I know it’s not yet safe out there. Our numbers are consistently adding about 200 new positive cases infected by the COVID-19 virus daily. The government said we’re flattening the curve, but we still must follow precautions even if they lift the lockdown. We have limited testing, so we cannot fully assure our safety unless we discover a cure.

Life Lately

READING // I’ve been too lazy lately, so I’m not reading anything now. The heat is killing my brain cells!

WATCHING // My husband and I have been watching Prison Break, but to be honest, I’m not sure I can finish watching the entire series. It’s so stressful! So, we decided to continue watching Hunter x Hunter. We love it!

FEELING // Bored and grumpy. You can feel it, can you? Lol.

EATING/DRINKING // We’ve been thinking about what to eat every day. It’s so hard to be in isolation with limited food choices. However, I’ve been drinking Kopify! I love it. I’ll blog about it soon.

PLANNING // I’m currently into plants. I wanted to create a mini garden in our tiny house. I already bought a net to fix the small space behind our house and turn it into a little garden. I’m planning to add some flowering plants and, of course, herbs! I love fresh herbs in food, especially thyme and rosemary. I’m also planning to add some indoor plants to help with air circulation inside the house. Oh, how I wish I can start ASAP!

WRITING // several blog posts…

LEARNING // I’m so excited about my mini garden plans, but due to the restrictions, it will take time for me to start. So, I’m just scrolling Facebook plant groups for now and learning about different plants and how to take care of them. I’m especially looking out for plants that are non-toxic to my pets. Better safe than sorry.

DISLIKING // the scorching heat, the water shortage, the slow internet!!!!!!!!!

LOOKING FORWARD TO // this summer to end. I don’t mind the lockdown very much because I know it’s still dangerous out there. I just want to get through this summer asap. However, I’m also looking forward for this pandemic to end so everything can go back to normal.

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