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Life has been a little dull after months of stress and excitement of planning our Hong Kong trip. Now that it’s over, we’re now back to responsibilities. Days get by so quickly when you’re in a routine – sleep, work, eat, feed the cats. HAHA. Anyway, life must go on.

On my previous post, I mentioned we’re planning to Japan next year but we decided to move it by 2020. You see, when we got back from Hong Kong, I felt restless. I want to just continue traveling or just go somewhere else. However, when that feeling died, I was faced with the fact that we still have responsibilities at home that we need to tend to. You see, we are from a middle-class family. We don’t have rich parents to help us or any inheritance from ancestors. HAHA. So we really need to start from scratch. From our utensils to every detail of our house, we were able to purchase from our hard-earned money.

Now, our house is far from being complete yet. So we decided to focus on this before traveling to Japan. I realized that traveling has this effect on people. It gives the feeling of freedom but for people like us, it can also just be an escape. We will still travel, of course, but we need to really plan it carefully. So if you’re single and doesn’t have many responsibilities yet, go and travel! For us who are already married or I think this applies to everyone unless you live the life of luxury, we still have to set our priorities so we can have worry-free travels.

Life Lately

READING // Unfortunately, I haven’t been reading books or whatever lately. I’m more into watching movies as of the moment. It’s your fault, Netflix! (Same lines as the previous Life Lately post. HAHA)

WATCHING // I’m mostly just rewatching Tim Burton movies to feel the Halloween spirit. HAHA. We also watched Venom a couple of weeks ago. I don’t feel like watching any movie series or anime at the moment, though. I’m mostly watching Youtube videos nowadays. Mainly about skincare and makeup. Yes, I’m boring. *wink*

PLAYING // I’m currently playing Octopath by Square Enix. I really love the game. The gameplay and graphics remind me of my brother who used to rent a Playstation and we’d play classic RPG games. Oh, actually, I’d spend most of my time just watching him and I still have to beg with my life so he’d let me play. My husband also bought me Crash Bandicoot but I haven’t played it yet because this kind of game always make my heart skip a beat in panic. HAHA

FEELING // I’m feeling… neutral and at the same time motivated. Motivated to do the things that I want to do but also being patient until the time comes when I can freely do it. Yah get it? No? Okay, next.

EATING // I’ve been eating chocolates, creamy mushroom chicken and rice… lots of rice as of the moment. Remember my dieting from my previous post? Well, I did lose A LOT of weight but after our trip to Hong Kong, I began to let go again. However, we plan to go back to Keto diet next week. Good luck to us!

PLANNING // Planning what to write next… I’ve haven’t been consistent with my blog ever since I created it. I really want to but procrastination is very powerful. HAHA. I’m also, most of the time unable to write anything when I’m not motivated or not in the mood. I am so temperamental and I think my posting habit is a living proof of this. HAHA

WRITING // This blog post…

LEARNING // I’ve been learning more about skincare nowadays. I had a really bad breakout recently and I noticed a drastic change in my face’s texture. I already mentioned this on a previous post and will definitely update you for any improvements.

DISLIKING // Still most people… I guess? Lol.

LOOKING FORWARD TO // I’m excited for December! Also, since we won’t be visiting Japan yet, we plan to visit Cebu, Bohol and visit our relatives in Davao and Gensan next year. We miss Baguio as well so we might visit in March for our best friend’s birthday.

So these are my life lately updates. What have you been doing lately?

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