Travel Essentials Checklist

It’s really frustrating to leave travel necessities behind when you’re traveling.  May it be your earphones, neck pillow, your makeup kit or even your sleepless soul wandering through the oblivion. Forget the last one. By the way, you forgot about that thing, and that sucks for you. You thought that you were all set and confidently packed for your travel but, no. Now, here are the suggested must – have travel essentials for every certified traveler, and those first-time travelers out there.

Before the travel date: I’m gonna pack this and that, those and all of these. Aaaaand, I’m ready!!

During: Well, fuuuukkhhh…

Travel essentials you must not forget

  1. Cash, Debit/Credit cards

This is one of the worst things to forget when traveling. Money is a ticket to get there, buy some things, and to get back home. Though it has less probability of being forgotten, travelers still sometimes tend to forget it. Without cash on hand, then what the hell are you going to do there?

  1. Photocopied and Original Passport/Plane Ticket

Lost passports and plane tickets are somewhat common to travelers. To prevent this from happening to you, make sure to have your passport and plane ticket photocopied just in case that the original copy gets lost. You can now also access your plane tickets online and show it at the airport. So convenient! Anyway, make sure to bring these because what’s the point of traveling if you’re just going to leave it at home.

  1. Travel document folder

Do you just randomly place all your papers in random spots in your travel bag and die searching for it afterward? Just bring a travel document folder. In that way, you can be assured that the essential travel documents can be properly organized and easy to look for when needed (If you won’t lose the folder itself, actually).

  1. Camera

Travel Essentials- Camera

If you’re sort of a memory hoarder, then this is one of the things that you should never forget. Alone or not, you can spend time getting angles at a beautiful landscape, do selfies and some other sort of creative stuff you can do with it (Error 404: Instructions unclear, camera stuck on butthole). Well, photos of your travel are a wonderful souvenir for yourself or your travel-mates. It’s great to bring an action camera if you’re visiting beaches.

  1. Phone/s

One of the travel essentials you must not forget. Preferably, a smartphone. It could be a substitute for a camera and for leisure purposes, updating your social media, playing phone games, communicate with peers, search for facts about the place you’re about to visit and be updated with memes. This can also be handy if you’re lost. The power of GPS! See? Pretty fun, right?

  1. Pocket Wi-fi

You can’t visit social media, websites and be updated with memes if you can’t access the internet. If you want to stay connected to the internet anytime and anywhere, then you must bring one of these. If you’re traveling internationally, make sure it has access in the country you’re visiting.

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  1. Charger/s for your electronic devices.

Don’t ever forget these if you don’t want to let your gadgets stay at your hotel room or in your travel bag dead for days. It would be a hassle if you are going to buy new sets of chargers or borrow some from your neighbors in the hotel. Just bring ‘em and you’ll have no problems whatsoever.

  1. Sunscreen/Sunblock – Suntan

The sun is your awful enemy in some of the places you might want to travel. If you don’t want to be bitten by the awful heat from the sun, make sure to bring this with you to protect your pretty skin. Well, if you want to get tanned, bring a suntan instead. Another travel essential you must not forget. Plus, it’s anti-aging!

  1. Make – up kit

Current Makeup Favorites Aika Neko

Don’t travel with your face messy than your existence. Make sure to grab your make – up kit and other beauty travel essentials and be fabulous in every street you’ll walk upon. (You go, girl!)

  1. Wet wipes

Do you have a baby with you? Alone in dusty streets? Or maybe just allergic to your surroundings and obsessed with your hygiene? Then, this is a perfect item for you! Bring a pack of these and you’ll feel clean every day.

  1. Mini toiletries

Travel essentials Toiletries

If you are staying at a hotel and very much unsure about the completeness of their toiletries or questions the toiletries’ quality and content, then just bring your own mini toiletry.

  1. Comb

Honestly, this is what I usually forget when traveling. You don’t want to have a bad-hair day while walking into places and be conscious about your hair and what might the others think about it. It is hellish that you’ll be sitting in public while having the worst hair in history and awareness of extreme self-consciousness and self-shame. Just bring a comb.

  1. Snack pack

Long flights? Trips? Hungry hikes? Bring yourself some snacks. No matter where you’ll be or what you’re going to do, you can have a bite of your favorite snack. Plus, you can have less expense on your trips and avoid unnecessary buys or expenses. Pretty good for most trips.

  1. Pain relievers and medicines for common cold

*cough cough sniff sniff* Argsdfjasfadjfksfk. Don’t want that to happen to you in your ‘supposed-to-be-happy’ trips? Bring painkillers and medicines that will get you through common ailments because these could be the reason for having crappy and unhappy trips. Don’t let these get in your way, be free from these annoying b*tches.

  1. Water bottle

Travel essentials water bottle

A water bottle (of course, with water) is an essential item to bring during trips. Short or long, we need water to keep ourselves dehydrated especially in places where the sun acts like an a**hole, where drinking water is less accessible and where water is totally absent in the area.

  1. Common knowledge about the place

Of course, let’s not forget this. This might be the last on the list but it could be one of the essential things to have in traveling. Anyway, try to learn to familiarize yourself with the place’s famous landmarks, attractions, and simple geography. Learn some basic vocabulary in their language like ‘Please’, ‘Thank you’ and numbers one to ten. It will be one-up for you on every trip that you’ll have.

  1. Accommodation

I would also suggest planning your accommodation ahead of time. You may check Agoda for great deals on hotels and accommodations all around the world! Visit this link to find and book the best deal you can find:

This ends the list of the necessary travel essentials that makes you ready-to-go in your future travels. I might not have included some items that would deem useful in trips but you can add it on your list. Plan, Pack, Go and stay safe on your trips!

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