Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolor Review

Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolor

Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolor (P575) is Revlon’s version of a wax-free matte liquid lipstick. I already saw this product online last year and the packaging was what really caught my attention. It’s very elegant that it looks like a high-end product!

Good thing, BDJ Box included it in their May 2016 Elite Box so I was able to get mine in the shade of Temptation from my BDJ Box. At first, I was disappointed because the shade which is a pale bright pink is too loud for me. However, that didn’t stop me to try it out. 😉

When I first applied it, it felt like a lip gloss. It was very light on the lips. What I did not like was it was streaky. I’m not sure if it’s same with other shades but with temptation, it streaks. No worries, you can apply two layers of this to get a solid color.

Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolor

I’m not sure if you can see the difference but both are definitely different from each other in person.

I also like the feel of the wand. It was very easy to use and picks up enough product to apply on the lips. It really feels like a lip gloss to me. What really bothers me a lot is the strong candy-like smell of the product. I really don’t like scented makeup. The good thing is, it goes away quickly and doesn’t linger after applying it on your lips.

Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolor

This is how the wand looks like. 🙂

Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolor

This how it looks like if you turn it sideways.

Once you apply it, it doesn’t go matte right away. It takes 30 minutes or more for it to completely set which really disappoints me. However, the product is very light on the lips and it’s not drying unlike any other matte lipsticks out there so I think that compensates for it. 


Overall, I liked the Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolor. The bright shade didn’t bother me anymore because they said it was pretty and I look innocent wearing it. As for the staying power, it stays on me for 5 hours. It does transfer but it leaves a very nice solid stain on the lips after. What I also love is that it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips and keeps my lips hydrated.

Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolor

Have you tried one of the Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolor? What shade would you recommend that’s better than Temptation?

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