UNBOXING: BDJ Box “Elite” May 2016

BDJ BOX Elite May 2016

BDJ Box or Belle de Jour Box is a monthly subscription service where you receive a box filled with curated beauty products, and I just got my very first box this week! I was really frustrated and I wanted to slap my face because I only discovered this on November last year. When I tried to subscribe, all boxes were already sold out and unfortunately for me, they only opened their subscription just this May. When I saw from their Facebook that the subscription for the May box has opened, I immediately paid for my box on the same day because it’ll be sold out immediately.

Unfortunately, there was a delay with the shipping of boxes. According to BDJ Box, they had problems with the production of the boxes itself. I saw lots of other Bellas (BDJ members) complaining on Facebook because there are no updates about the boxes yet. I was very excited to get my hands on the box since this is my first time but I guess my excitement overlapped my disappointment. So on June 1st, they finally announced that the boxes were on their way and I received it the next day!

“For only Php1,480 a month, you will get a BDJ Box Elite filled with more premium products, from travel sizes to full sizes.

• You’ll get Php3,000 worth of products, which is double of what you pay for!
• You’ll get access to a beauty group, exclusively for BDJ Box Elite subscribers. We’ll be sharing there how to best use the products you’ll be getting and get your questions answered directly by the BDJ Box Team and our Beauty Ministry!
• You’ll also get the chance to be part of our Beauty Ministry’s monthly makeup parties! :)”

BDJ BOX Elite May 2016

This is how it looks like once you open the Box.

The Goodies Inside this BDJ Box

May’s box theme is “Summer Love” from the brand Revlon Love is On. I actually cheated on this. I saw someone post the contents of her box on BDJ Box’s Facebook account so I already knew what I would receive before I got it. Spoilers doesn’t usually bother me but this one did. Big time. Ugh. So anyway, I just waited for my box, hoping to at least receive products with a different color selection.

Unfortunately for me, I received the same products and color selection with the one I saw on Facebook. 🙁 No worries though, the excitement didn’t die down! I almost ripped the box open to finally try out the goodies. So let’s go ahead with the unboxing!

Unfortunately, I do not have individual pictures of the products because I was so excited to use them. I will just take photos of them on separate reviews soon! :)

Unfortunately, I do not have individual pictures of the products because I was so excited to use them. I will just take photos of them on separate reviews soon! 🙂

Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara (P650)

When I saw that BDJ Box posted a sneak peek with a mascara, I really got excited. I have sparse, thin and straight Asian lashes and I used mascaras before but unfortunately, it just didn’t work for me and I find removing it very tedious. So, I never used mascaras and I”m not really fond of them but I wanted to try it again. I may have used the wrong products before so I am really excited to use this. Good luck to me!

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Temptation (P575)

I love Matte lipsticks so I am really excited about this. However, when I saw the shade of this lipstick, I was like, nahh. Too bright and too loud. I don’t think everyone can use this especially on a daily basis but we’ll see how it works.

Revlon Nail Enamel in Enchanting (P225) and Revlon Transforming Effects Top Coat in Holographic Pearls (P250)

These are just some of the products that I tried as soon as I received the box! I looooove these nail products. At first, I was really disappointed with the nail enamel because I love bold colors and I’m not a fan of pastel shades. When I tried it on my nails, I just hated it. However, when I used the top coat, I FELL IN LOVE! It was sooooo beautiful and because of this, I became obsessed with nail polishes. I’m not a fan of these before but because of Revlon, I think I’m going to start collecting nail products! Lol. Thank you, BDJ Box. More nail polishes, please!

BDJ BOX elite May 2016 Revlon Nail Enamel

From dull to WOW!

Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator in Pearl Light (P825)

This is another product that I am actually very excited about from this box. I started to love highlighting because of the Happy Skin Strobing Kit so I hope this works well on me. I’m not sure if the shade suits me, though. We’ll see.

Revlon Photoready Kajal Matte Eye Pencil in Marine (P575)

To be honest, I was disappointed when I saw this. The shade is not very wearable but I think it’s also good because I can experiment with it! Lemme just unleash the monster of creativity. Lol.

Revlon Luxurious Colorsilk Buttercream in Medium Auburn (P450)

I can’t write a separate review on this because like the nail polishes, I used this product the same day I got the box. It’s been 4 years since I dyed my hair or did something to my hair. I liked the shade presented on the box so even if I was nervous about the result, I faced my fear and dyed it. I actually love the conditioner that you need to use after dyeing your hair. It made my hair smooth and silky and it smells really good! Since I have really dark hair, the color didn’t really show up the way it was advertised on the packaging. I was not surprised. My hair is very stubborn. It doesn’t hold curls whenever I try to curl it and now, it doesn’t want to absorb the hair dye. Lol. In the end, I still like it because the product didn’t dry my hair and when the sunlight hits it, a beautiful auburn shows.

Revlon Nail File (P150) and Revlon Expert Tweezers, Slant Tip (P150)

Some were really disappointed that these were included on the box. Honestly, I was disappointed as well because I was expecting makeup products. However, I was still able to use it specially when I used the nail polishes and my boyfriend loved the tweezers that he even asked for it so I gave it to him. So, not complaining here. 😉


For the price of P1,480, the total value of the box is P3,850. As a first time BDJ Box subscriber, I’m impressed. Even though I saw a different color selection from other Bellas, I think that what I received suits my skin tone so I would love to commend BDJ Box for that. I understand that things happen so the delay didn’t really bothered me that much. However, I just hope they would give an explanation with the cause of delay before the shipping of the boxes to help us understand the issue. Overall, I love this box! I will still subscribe to the upcoming boxes. I even vowed to get all their boxes this year and I’m already looking forward to the June Box. I will make a review of the other products soon!

You may visit BDJ Box at their Facebook page or on their website.

How about you? What do you think of this month’s box?

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