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Life Lately // V2.0

It’s been a while since my previous Life Lately post. Things have changed since then. I still remember ranting and being depressed about the difficulties of getting a job in my previous post. Now, I work from home for two years now and from two cats, I now have six. Lol. Time passes by so quickly when you’re too busy with your daily routine. It’s scary. I just turned 24 and sometimes I can’t believe I’ve been on earth for that long already!

Being an adult is difficult and sometimes I wish I was still a kid, waiting for my grandparents to feed me or just go outside and play with the children from our neighborhood. Lol. We all wish, at some point in our lives to just bring back time – but we couldn’t. When you’re from a middle-class family, all you could ever think of as an adult is to work hard to survive or work to make life easier for you. It’s hard to set aside time for recreational activities. You’re just caught up in the moment, you barely realize that you’re growing up while the others around you are growing older.

However, as I grew older, I realized who I really was – which is a good thing. I wasn’t really confused anymore unlike when I was 20-22 years old. I am already sure of who I am and I don’t care about what other people think. It’s a great feeling. The emotional roller coaster ride when I was still a teenager is finally over. FINALLY. As for maturity, I don’t think I matured that much. I still watch anime and cartoons and Disney! Lol.

Life Lately

READING // Unfortunately, I haven’t been reading books or whatever lately. I’m more into movies as of the moment. It’s your fault, Netflix!

WATCHING // My husband and I just finished watching 13 Reasons Why Season 2. The story was good and we were so curious about what will happen after each episode ends that we literally bingewatched it. I wouldn’t have stopped to sleep if only I don’t have work the next morning. We also bingewatched Marvel movies with my friends who visited us on my birthday after watching the Infinity War and Deadpool. 

At the moment, I’m watching Violet Evergarden and my husband and I are watching Ao No Exorcist. I’ve finally, after four years, convinced my husband to watch anime with me. :/

PLAYING // I recently played Dragon Quest Builders and Stardew Valley on my Nintendo Switch. My playing habit is binge-playing for days and when I’ve finally finished the game or got bored, I usually get back to gaming for months. Lol. I will even play for 16 hours a day if I want to. Both of these games are worth your money – at least for me who likes these kinds of games. Also, it takes hours for you to finish them. I’m not yet even done with them yet but I stopped playing for a while.

FEELING // I am feeling… miserable but also determined to finish my diet program. I am currently on a diet with no oil, sugar, and starch for 2 months and it’s soooo difficult. Good thing is, I have self-control. I just spend my days watching food videos and add them to my list until I can finally eat them again. Lol. I’m craving for cakes, adobo, and hotdogs. I also can’t eat rice. :’(

EATING // I’ve only been eating boiled eggs, boiled chicken, lettuces, apples, oranges and cabbages these days. They can’t be cooked in oil so everything is boiled and it tastes bland. :’( I can do this. Lol.

PLANNING // I’ve been planning each weekend of the entire month of June. We’ll be getting new glasses because I can no longer see clearly with mine and my husband’s glasses are also broken. I’ve also booked tickets to watch The Incredibles which I’m so excited about. We’ll be getting our passports this month as well. We’ll also get to meet my client from Australia at the end of the month. I’m not very keen about that though. I feel nervous. Introvert mode.

WRITING // This blog post.

LEARNING // I’m currently watching food videos to learn about Japan and their culture. I’m also checking out Hong Kong videos to give us an idea where to eat when we visit the country in September. I’m excited about dim sum and egg tarts! Although I’m watching them so I can cope with my food cravings as well. Lol.

DISLIKING // Most people… I guess?

LOOKING FORWARD TO // I’m looking forward to our trip to Hong Kong this September and our plans to visit Japan next year! Woohooo!!! But for now, I’m excited to watch The Incredibles and for my diet program to finally end.

So these are my life lately updates. What have you been doing lately?

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