Happy Skin Eye Need a Miracle Corrector for Invisible Eyebags

Happy Skin Eye Need a Miracle Corrector

Since I’m working in a call center industry, I usually work at a time zone opposite to regular working hours, which means, I’m always on the graveyard shift. That’s why puffy eye bags and dark circles are very common for us who are working in this industry and these circles will make us more zombie-looking and haggard. Good thing, I discovered The Happy Skin Eye Need a Miracle corrector. There’s another variant which is the concealer but I chose the corrector since it is in a Salmon hue. If you want to neutralize dark under eyes, pinkish or peach corrector works best.

Also, the reason why there are concealers specially made for the under eyes is that the eye area is sensitive, and if you use the wrong type of concealer, it may suck the life out of your eyes; it can be drying.

I was in doubt at first when I saw that there are shimmery particles on the product but when I used it, I was amazed. It brightened my under eyes immediately and it glides easily. It doesn’t feel heavy and it is definitely not drying!

As for the staying power, it endured for 6 hours on me (Take note, I have oily skin). I just set it with powder and I instantly see the difference. My colleagues even noticed it when I first used the product and they I said I looked blooming. Lol. It does fade a bit after 6 hours. I’m not really into retouching because I’m too lazy to do that.


Overall, this product is the perfect! Especially if you’re like me who works during witching hours. I bought this product for only P799. So will I repurchase it? Definitely!

How about you? Do you need help with your puffy dark eye bags too? Why not try this out!

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