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Hello, dearests! How have you been doing? I’ve been away for a veeeeery loooooong time but I’m back! This time, I’m going to introduce an online shopping site here in the Philippines. Online shopping is very convenient for me as I work from home and I easily get confused on what to buy when I’m on a physical shop or department store. Is it only me or do you also get pressured or overwhelmed when looking at the stacks of makeup at the mall? Haha. So I was really happy that I got the chance to try out BeautyMNL’s site and I absolutely love it!

BeautyMNL is a beauty site in the Philippines where you can buy a wide range of authentic skincare and makeup products from popular brands – local and even international. Let me show you the things that I got and I’ll tell you why.

BeautyMNL Haul

The first thing that was on my mind when I was browsing the site was an eyebrow product. If you’ve read my previous post, I have told you that I have very thin and sparse eyebrows so these products are a must. Haha! Also, I have never tried eyebrow powders before so the Pink Sugar Honey I’m Good Eyebrow Kit in Sassy Brown (P399) which was raved by known bloggers immediately went flying to my cart.

BeautyMNl Pink Sugar Honey I'm Good Brow Kit

The next item that I purchased is *surprise!* – another eyebrow product. Haha. This time, I got myself the Fashion Brow Duo Pen in Dark Brown (P299). I’ve been using this for a while now and I’m loving it so far! Plus, it’s very affordable for the price of P299!

Sometimes, I mean, I am ALWAYS lazy when I get home to wash my face and remove my makeup so I always prefer makeup wipes than other makeup removers. Haha. Fortunately, I discovered a new favorite – the Simple Micellar Wipes (P299)! It’s very convenient especially for travelling plus it has healthy and gentle ingredients which is perfect for those who have sensitive skin.

BeautyMNL Simple Micellar Facial Wipes

The last two items that I got are both lip products. I’ve been recently into Korean makeup for its simplicity and it cuts off a huuuuuge amount of my prep time. Haha. So, I’m obsessed with gradient lips nowadays and decided to get the Delight Tony Moly lip tint in Red (P198) and the new Maybelline Lip Flush Bitten Lip Color in PK01 (P299) which has a pink shade. I’m loving these two, so far!

BeautyMNL Tony Moly Lip Tint Maybelline Lip Flush

BeautyMNL delivery and other services

I saw that BeautyMNL only has free shipping for purchases with a minimum of P2,000 and above. I was expecting mine to be charged with P100+ for shipping. However, I was surprised to see that they only charged P50 for the delivery fee and since I purchased during their promotion, I had my purchases shipped for free! Yay!

BeautyMNL charges a standard fee of P50 for deliveries within Metro Manila and P150 for addresses outside of the Metro. They also strive to deliver the items the next day for those who are in Metro Manila while it may take 5-7 business days for those who are not. In my case, I ordered my items on a Monday afternoon (February 13, 2017) and received them the next day (February 14) just in time for Valentines day! I felt like I just received a gift. Haha. Please note that no tracking number was provided. I love tracking my orders so I have an idea as to what’s going on with my package but it’s not really a big deal since I received it the next day and you will receive another email that your items has been shipped.


BeautyMNL Bloom Magazine

Aside from a shop, BeautyMNL has their own online magazine called Bloom where they feature new products and recommendations. I actually discovered the new Lip Flush Bitten Lip Color from Maybelline by browsing on their articles. I specially love how timely their articles are and they also provide swatches for some of the products if you’re not sure what to choose.

BeautyMNL Beauty by You

They also have a review section called Beauty By You where you can read honest product reviews from real-life customers. This is a great way to help buyers know if the product is worth a try considering their skin tone, type, etc. Brilliant! You can also earn P500 worth of credits for every 50 product reviews you make. Just carefully read the rules to qualify.


I’m very much satisfied with BeautyMNL‘s overall service. I also love that they strive to add more brands and products for all the Filipinos out there. I’ve been browsing their site waaaaaay way back and was frustrated because there was no wishlist (girls love to add and add items here. Haha) but thankfully, they heard us and added the wishlist feature!

If you are still a newbie or pro at online shopping, you definitely should check out BeautyMNL. It’s an all-in-one shop for me and they offer almost anything that you’re looking for. But beware because some of the items gets sold out really quickly! 😉


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