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10 Pet Accessories and Clothing Brands We Use and Love

Nowadays, humans spend more money on their pets. From premium pet food, toys, accessories, dog collars, supplements, etc. As a pet owner myself and also one who spends ALOT of money on my pets, I always wonder why.

I came to a realization that I treat my pets as my babies. I humanize them all the time and it makes me happy when they’re happy or if they look cute. I am sure my co-PAWrents also feel the same. Our emotional bond with our pets is as strong as our emotional bond with our human loved ones. Sometimes, even more!

How I started to delve into Pet Fashion

I started accessorizing Nimbus the moment he came into our life. The day we got him, I think I spent at least 30k on his food, toys, accessories, etc. Oh, and don’t get me started on the vet bills for the shots, check-ups, and whatnot. (Hey, before you judge, this is how it is on human babies too, right? I am just being a responsible pet owner. Lol!)

I even made him a crocheted jumper for his comfort and of course, to make him look cute!

A two-month-old Nimbus and his crocheted jumper

Pets owners are attracted to Premium Brands

Since pet owners of this generation are spending more money on their pets, there’s been a rise in the pet accessories market around the world. The Philippines is no different. Even though some are still baffled by the fact that some people stroll around the mall with their dogs in a stroller, I am thrilled that it is slowly becoming a norm by the day. 

People are now more aware of pet care and more events and shows are being held for pets and pet owners. There has also been an increase in vets, pet shops, pet groomers, and other pet-friendly establishments.

The Rise of the pet accessories market in the Philippines

With the rise of the pet accessories market, tons of brands are popping up. As pet parents, we always want what’s best for our pets so we always choose the best and premium brands for our pets. We always choose quality and great service. 

A list of several local pet accessories brands we love

Below, I will share some of our favorite local brands where I bought my furbabies’ clothing and accessories:


One of the newest brands that I witnessed rising rapidly in the market. We’ve been a customer since they started and now they are known to offer amazing designs with quality. We have several pieces from them from their cute bows to their Prima bandanas.

As of writing, I am currently waiting for an order I just placed. Lol! They are currently our favorite and they have amazing customer service. We are excited about what else they have to offer as with other brands! 

P.S. Please make Nimbus Bear one of your Limonbassador! Haha JUST KIDDING! Unless… *wink, wink*

Pawdel Philippines

What’s a dog if it doesn’t have a collar? When searching for quality dog collar brands, I came across Pawdel. I got Nimbus and Toby’s collars from them which they still wear up to this day. It’s sturdy and stylish. We also had their names customized on the collars. They offer different accessories and they also now craft wearable technologies especially made for pets.

Bellucci Manila

In my quest to make Nimbus cute, Bellucci is the first brand that I discovered and still love. They make cute bandanas and bows for pets. I also bought Nimbus’ first blanket from them. They release new prints from time to time and they even have a signature design for bandanas called the Bow Dana. They are so cute! They also have a collaboration with a mask brand with a matching mask and bandana just like below —

Chuyo Paws

We also love Chuyo Paws because they create simple but customizable bandanas. We bought our bandana from them during the Permission to Dance concert by BTS and also their bandanas for our very own pet treats store – Fluffycrafts.

La Bonita Charms

Now, if you want to accessorize your pets with charms that are stylish and of quality, check out La Bonita Charms! Nimbus’ charms are mostly bought from them. They look luxurious and they don’t break easily. It’s very great to pair with a cute outfit or bandana!


Furrfetch is what I consider one that offers luxurious pet bandanas in the market at the moment. They have exclusive or limited edition designs that you might want to get immediately or else you’ll lose it forever! We got Nimbus’ first birthday celebration bandana from them and oh, the material they use looks so expensive! 

Pupper Knots PH

Now Pupper Knots is my favorite brand when it comes to pet bows. Unfortunately, they are out of stock on cute designs most of the time because there are tons of pet mums like me who are eager to purchase their bows! I always keep an eye on restocks most of the time. Haha. They are worth it though. Look how cute Nimbus looks with his bow.

Dowdow’s Personalized Pet Tag

I got my pet tags from Dow Dows for as long as I can remember. I got their tags when they started making handcrafted tags to computerized ones. From my Eldest cat Whimsy to my dogs Nimbus and Toby, up until my youngest cat Mitten, all of our tags are from them. You can personalize the tags with your contact information in case your pet gets lost. My pets have been wearing their tags for years and their inscriptions don’t fade. 

The next two brands are not dog accessories or clothing but I thought I’d share them here because we love them!

Bow House

From our personal experience; cats hate beds. But dogs?! They love them!!! I am a cat owner for years and we got Nimbus later on so I was not sure he’ll love the bed at first. When I got him, I almost cried tears of happiness when he slept on his bed for the first time!

So of course, I was on a hunt for a premium bed where my furbaby will sleep in. That’s how I found Bow House. I got him the Snore Box and he immediately loved it. What I love about it is it was very easy to clean because the material of the cover is easy to wash and removable. It’s also sturdy so even if Nimbus digs in it, it won’t tear!

Ollie Bowls

Ollie bowls offer customizable double-walled stainless steel bowls. I love how the bowls are easy to clean and it keeps the water fresh for much longer than normal bowls. It’s very durable and the bottom has anti-slip silicone that helps keeps the bowl from moving which is a common problem with other bowls. My Toby and Nimbus have one each and we love it! Oh, of course, we are not biased, our cats just love their water fountain. Lol!

These are the brands we follow and personally use and love at the moment. With the rise of the pet accessories market, I also hope awareness of responsible pet ownership will also continue to improve in our country, especially in the provincial areas.

We are open to your recommendations. Throw in your other favorite brands in the comments below!

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