Majolica Majorca Lash King

Majolica Majorca Lash King Review

Ever since I’ve tried the Revlon Volume & Length Magnified Mascara, I realized that there is still hope to enhance my eyelashes. HAHA. Since then, I’ve loved using mascaras and has been on the lookout for those that can fit my needs. As I’ve mentioned before, I have thin and stick straight eyelashes. I remember trying […]

Perfectly Pixi Glamourbox

UNBOXING: Perfectly Pixi Glamourbox

Perfectly Pixi Glamourbox is another one of the curated boxes made by Glamourbox. Glamourbox is a company here in the Philippines who has a beauty subscription service and I already said previously that I just learned all about this kind of service last year. At the time that I discovered about Glamourbox, their BYS Matte […]

Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolor

Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolor Review

Revlon Ultra HD Lipcolor (P575) is Revlon’s version of a wax-free matte liquid lipstick. I already saw this product online last year and the packaging was what really caught my attention. It’s very elegant that it looks like a high-end product! Good thing, BDJ Box included it in their May 2016 Elite Box so I […]

Life Lately // v1.0

Finally! It’s been a long time since my last blog post. So today, I decided to make a blog segment – Life Lately. Since this is a personal blog anyway, I would love to share updates about what’s going on with my life. Lol. So let’s go ahead and drink virtual coffee together and start […]